About Pain Diagnosed

PainDiagnosed.com was created for the sole purpose of streamlining the process for individuals in pain to find out what is wrong with them without having to take a day off work, deal with traffic, waiting rooms and the unfortunate outcome that to many people experience where the doctor you see tells you they cannot help you starting the entire process over again.

Our Team of Doctors and Nurses

Why Choose Pain Diagnosed?

Through the combination of our online pain evaluation, a careful assessment of the evaluation and a one on one consult with one of our doctors who specialize in diagnosing peoples pain, we are able to in most cases let people know within 30 minutes of entering the website what is wrong with them and what they need to do to get better.

On the back end, we work with hundreds of specialists who handle all sorts of treatment options that, once our doctor determines what is causing someone’s pain, we can offer with priority access to any individual interested in getting the treatment recommended by the doctor.

In most states there is no charge at all for the individuals consult with the doctor. The doctor simply bills the insurance company just like a normal office visit.

The team behind PainDiagnosed.com has been providing these services for over a decade and we have helped well over 100K individuals find the answers they were looking for and the treatment that they need.

We are excited to serve the medical community in whatever way we can to make the community stronger, more efficient and most importantly, more effective for patients and doctors.

The time to figure out your pain is now.

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